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Cialis – the Weekend Pill

You have probably heard a lot about erectile dysfunction drugs regardless whether you are interested in the matter or not. With all the ads and specials you see in magazines, TV and the Internet focusing on erectile dysfunction and drugs like Viagra and Levitra, it's really hard to avoid this topic. Especially if you have some problems with erection and want to find a way to be hard just like in your 20's. In fact, there are at least 20 million men in America who are suffering from erectile dysfunction to different extents, and there are certainly more of them who are left undiagnosed simply because they don't want to discuss such sensitive issues with their doctors.

Sensitive or not, erectile dysfunction is a health condition just like any other health problem you may encounter in your life. And if you really want to overcome it discussing the matter with your doctor is a must. Fortunately, there are effective ways of treating erectile dysfunction these days and there's a selection of drugs to choose from. Of course, all these Viagra and Cialis ads aren't there for nothing. In fact, these medications are by far the most effective way to treat male impotence that's why they are used by millions of men all over the world. But is there any difference between them?

In fact, there is. Viagra was introduced back in 1998 and it was a really revolutionary drug. Followed by Levitra and Cialis 2003, these three drugs have made up a multi-billion worldwide market of ED pills that's growing year by year. But when it comes to the actual effectiveness there's no better drug than Cialis. It was winning new ground from the leading brands ever since it was introduced to the market and there is one good reason for that – it works for much longer than both Viagra and Levitra combined.

It shouldn't come as a surprise that all three drugs are using the same mechanism of action. All these drugs make part of the same drug class called PDE-5 inhibitors and work by increasing blood flow to the penis upon sexual arousal. However, Viagra and Levitra only work for up to 5 hours after you've taken the pill where as Cialis provides similar effects for up to 36 hours. Impressive, isn't it? That's why this medication even got its nickname – The Weekend Pill – and is primarily used by men who want to enjoy romantic weekends with their significant others without having to worry about pills every time they want to have sex. Let's agree, having such drug in your pocket when you're afraid to have problems in the bedroom is definitely worth investing the money, that's why millions of men are doing it on a regular basis, pushing the yearly gross income of Lilly ICOS (the pharmaceutical company producing Cialis).

One thing to remember, though. The Weekend pill is not an over-the-counter pill and should only be used through a prescription even if you manage to buy it without one. It's a potent drug that requires medical supervision so discuss its possible use with your doctor before you actually buy it. Maybe your doctor will suggest any other forms of treatment for ED that will be more suitable for you. Or set the right dosage of the drug that will help you with your erection problems for sure.